Town thanks local favorite Chucky Tramonti

Town thanks local favorite Chucky Tramonti

Chucky Tramonti gets a hug from Mayor Charles Lombardi after being honored for his work with the town’s summer day camp last week at Notte Park.

NORTH PROVIDENCE – David “Chucky” Tramonti, one of the town’s most visible residents and an honorable public safety icon, got a thank you last Friday that had just about everyone in attendance in tears.

Campers in the town’s summer program presented the volunteer police officer and firefighter with a large cardboard picture they drew of him on his famous bike, thanking him for everything he did as they presented a poster everyone had signed.

“Everyone knows this kid, everyone loves this kid,” said Mayor Charles Lombardi, who attended the end-of-summer party at Notte Park with police and fire chiefs as well as recreation staff, presenting Tramonti with a recognition from the town thanking him for what he does.

Lombardi, who was childhood friends with Tramonti’s late father, David “Chuck” Tramonti Sr., said it’s been great to watch the way town police and firefighters look out for Tramonti as their adopted son.

Tramonti, now 30, said he was happy to volunteer again for summer camp. It meant the world to him to be recognized the way he was, he said, and it was an emotional moment.

Deputy Recreation Director Jeannie Vickers said Tramonti came up to her smiling and asked her if she knew who was smiling that day.

“My dad,” he said, and then she said her own tears came. “You’re killing me,” she told Tramonti.

“It was really awesome,” she said of Tramonti’s honor. Tramonti gave it his all every single day of summer camp, “sweating with the counselors,” she said. “It’s been really cool the way this town has adopted him, fire, police, the mayor’s office, now recreation. We fell in love with him.”

Asked what his duties were during summer camp, Tramonti responded that he helped out every day as a police officer.

Tramonti is often seen around town helping out with different events and duties, including sweeping floors and cleaning trucks. In the winter he loves shoveling around fire hydrants to keep them clear. He first started hanging out at the Geneva Fire Station as a 3-year-old, later riding his bike to the station, where he’d often stay for dinner.

Tramonti poses with Mayor Lombardi after getting his poster signed by campers in an emotional ceremony.


for you Chucky!!