Twin River focused on responsiveness amid layoffs

Twin River focused on responsiveness amid layoffs

LINCOLN – Dozens of layoffs at the Twin River Casino are a painful sign of increased competition up north, representatives for the gambling facility concede, but they still represent a tiny fraction of the overall workforce.

Patti Doyle, spokeswoman for the casino, told The Valley Breeze there’s a possibility that as customers return following the initial buzz surrounding the Encore casino in Boston, some employees could also return to their positions.

Twin River had anticipated a similar decline in activity when Plainridge Park Casino opened four years ago, said Doyle, and after initial curiosity amid an opening phase, many customers returned.

“We don’t know if that will happen here,” she said.

The arrival of the destination casino in Boston had Twin River executives forecasting a significant impact for months, said Doyle, and there’s “no question” the pain has been felt with both table games and slot machines.

Last Friday’s layoffs represented a “hard moment and a hard thing to do,” she said after the announcement that Twin River Worldwide Holdings would lay off about 65 dealers in addition to the 30 or so table game employees it had already cut.

In a statement last Thursday Doyle said the casino expected some of its part-time union table games dealers, mostly those hired within the last six months, would be impacted by the “decreased volume of business at Twin River Casino Hotel to our table games and slot machines, largely due to the recent opening of Encore Casino in Boston.”

The statement continues that, “any dealer impacted by the downturn in business at Twin River in Lincoln will be offered the opportunity to transfer to our Delaware property, Dover Downs, without any loss of seniority. Our diversification in markets across the country and the overall health of the company allows us to offer that option to some of our Rhode Island-based employees.”

Twin River is not currently forecasting any further cuts, and the casino is hoping for its typical post-Labor Day upward trend in business that it’s seen in the past, said Doyle. At that point there will be an analysis on whether some people can be rehired, she said. “We are hopeful the post-Labor Day trend of increased customer traffic will afford us with the opportunity to re-hire some of our impacted employees.”

When looking at the entire work force, there were some 2,500 employees, said Doyle, a number now down to about 2,400.

“It’s a considerable employee base and an important employer in the state,” she said.

The layoffs and fickleness of the gambling business underscores the need for Twin River staff to monitor the floor, react quickly, and be responsive and attentive to guest needs, said Doyle.

It’s understandable that Encore, as a “unique, full-fledged destination casino,” has “a lot of wow factor,” she said, but time will tell how consistent it will be. She said she’s heard minimums for table games there are high.

Twin River revealed that Encore’s entrance into the market cut into table game revenue by 34 percent and slot revenue by 17 percent during the month of July, its first full month in operation.


Why are all the Twin Rivers commercials on TV show all the guest playing slots and table games all dressed in suit jackets for the men and dresses for the women. But when your at the casino their all in jeans hanging off themselves, muscle shirts sweat shirts etc. A proper dress code would probably help your appearance as well as cleaning the mess that’s usually around pit 8 on the floor