Open for business: SBA plans resurgence in Scituate

Open for business: SBA plans resurgence in Scituate

Maggie Round, of Round’s Collision Center, and Roxanne Jasparro, of Bewitched of Scituate, are two of the four new board members on the Scituate Business Association who are looking to bring new members and drive business into Scituate. (Breeze photo by Jacquelyn Moorehead)

SCITUATE – Under the leadership of four new members, the Scituate Business Association is revamping its goals and intends to drive more business into Scituate.

Roxanne Jasparro, owner of Bewitched of Scituate, and Maggie Round of Round’s Collision Center, Anne Celletti of Sweets Salvage and Christine Hall of Charming Treasures were members of the SBA but were elected to the board at the beginning of the year.

Round said the new members are trying to bring new life and grow membership to the SBA. She said membership has doubled since the women took over, up to a total of 44 members.

The message to customers has been simple.

“Shop local, shop small. Shop close to home where your money is going to do good for where you live,” Round said.

In an interview at Bewitched of Scituate, 180 Danielson Pike, Jasparro and Round said they joined the SBA to give back to the community and support other small business owners.

“We want Scituate to be more visible to the rest of the state as a shopping destination,” Round said.

Jasparro said the difference between the SBA before and now is that the group is actively trying to reach out to other communities in Scituate, including Hope and Clayville.

Jasparro said any business may join the SBA regardless of size and including local crafters and artisans. She said the goal is to create a community of businesses that support and promote each other.

“I believe it’s a community of businesses and like-minded people to draw business into the town,” Jasparro said.

Jasparro said the group is working to create a Scituate business directory to include all SBA members. She said dues help pay for the books. The deadline to be included in the directory is Nov. 1.

Businesses signing up after Nov. 1 will still be included in other promotional material.

Round said the SBA will also hold promotional events throughout the year including candlelight shopping during the Christmas season and the Halloween Parade.

She said the group will be holding a scarecrow and door decorating competition this year as well.

For more information, email the group at .