Neronha provides update on Wyatt investigation

Neronha provides update on Wyatt investigation

Attorney Gen. Peter Neronha, joined by Col. James Manni of the Rhode Island State Police and Colonel Daniel Barzykowski of the Central Falls Police Department, provided an update on the status of the investigation into the incident of a guard driving his truck into protesters at the Wyatt Detention Center last week.

“The incident last Wednesday night involved many, many people, and several distinct acts,” said Neronha. “All the evidence that pertains to those acts, and the individuals involved, needs to be gathered and reviewed.”

Neronha outlined the process by which the investigative team is reviewing the information, which includes video footage, additional recordings, and more than 30 recorded witness statements. He encouraged anyone who may have additional information to come forward by contacting his office, the Rhode Island State Police, or the Central Falls Police Department.

“To be clear: we want to speak with anyone that has information regarding what occurred that night,” said Neronha. “What they saw. What they heard. What injuries they suffered.”

He also outlined the two areas investigators are focusing on: The operation of the vehicle and the deployment of what is commonly known as pepper spray. He said law enforcement is not focusing on protester actions.

Neronha urged patience while the investigation continues.

“Getting it right, particularly in this instance, given the volume of information available to us, requires doing it with deliberation,” he said.


Of course not because they would be the ones who started all this.

If anyone ever blocks your driveway, can we assume you will drive right into them? After all, by your reasoning "they started it"!

Yes you can assume that will be what happens if you intentionally block access to my property.

You’d be taking a huge risk. The worst legal trouble they might get is a misdemeanor charge. The worst legal trouble YOU might get is a murder charge. The legal system has always assumed that if someone is blocking access to your property, a reasonable person should call the police and not just drive right into them.

The actions of this guard do not reflect the State of Rhode Island, as Attorney General Neronha no doubt knows. The guard's guilty conscience had an issue seeing protesters. The right to protest is a foundation of our Country. The Boston Massacre set off a revolution a few miles north of here, no?

and should have been arrested but nice deflection "what if,,,blah blah blah" Alinsky would be proud of you.

The rational person would've parked on the street and walked into work. They would not have driven their car into a group of people. It's clear you don't have good intentions at that point.

That goes both ways, a rational protester would not block others from getting into their place of employment.I guess it was obvious they didn't have good intentions then.