St. Pierre: Protesters should keep to sidewalks

St. Pierre: Protesters should keep to sidewalks

In the Aug. 22-28 edition of The Valley Breeze, publisher Tom Ward’s column on “Employees have rights to safely pass protesters” was right on and I couldn’t agree more.

Yes, citizens are allowed peaceful protests by carrying their signs and parading down sidewalks. But where do they think they have the right to deny any employee the right to come to and leave their place of employment? It was evident that the protesters were denying the Wyatt Detention employee the right for him to enter his place of employment’s parking area. Simply put, if you don’t want to get hit by a moving vehicle, don’t stand where vehicles have a right to enter or exit, stay on the sidewalk.

I would hope that the authorities investigating the incidents at the Wyatt Detention Center not just investigate the driver of the vehicle, but investigate the actions of the protesters.

They’re not the only ones who have rights.

I hope Mr. Ward and former Attorney General Arlene Violet continue their excellent columns informing readers of what is really going in our state on many fronts.

Mark St. Pierre