Finnegan responds to McCormick letter on council

Finnegan responds to McCormick letter on council

(In response to Tim McCormick’s letter in the Aug. 29 edition, “Let’s respect the chief’s right to privacy”)

It is apparent that on the weekend of July 20, the Scituate Town Council faced a challenge. The question remains, what was the occurrence(s) that Chief Donald Delaere informed the town solicitor in his July 19 letter than made the council react irrationally to call a meeting with only minutes notice to the public on July 20, and then canceling the meeting because the public attended?

Then on July 21, placing Chief Delaere on administrative leave and stating that the circumstance can’t be disclosed due to the town’s obligation to safeguard the chief’s right to privacy. Really! I understand Mr. McCormick’s concern about being sued; maybe the council should have contemplated their irrational deed before acting.

I respect Chief Delaere’s right to privacy but also respect his right to have a hostile-free work environment. Let’s remember it was the public who supported Chief Delaere return to duty immediately. It is the members of the Scituate Town Council who are making fools of themselves. Full disclosure in accordance with the access to public records act will inform the public who really is playing political games.

Richard Finnegan