Kelley: Scituate residents deserve accountability

Kelley: Scituate residents deserve accountability

Scituate has been experiencing the consequences of opaque government for quite some time. In Councilman McCormick’s letter “Let’s respect the chief’s right to privacy” there are some concerns that should be addressed.

Residents who ask for accountability for a Saturday evening emergency Town Council meeting that removed our police chief are not exploiting the situation for political gain. They are simply asking their elected officials for clarification. It is doubtful that any resident wants to infringe on anyone’s privacy, but retorts of “no comment” at Town Council meetings leaves many residents at a loss. Asking for all information available per laws including the Access to Public Records Act and the Open Meetings Act is not playing a political game. It is asking for transparency.

As residents ask for answers, members of the Scituate Democratic Town Committee have asked the attorney general to step in and review the situation. This will make sure that ARPA and OMA laws have been followed and ensures that an unbiased third party can make an impartial determination. It is important to note that our town solicitors work at the pleasure of the council, while Attorney General Neronha works for all Rhode Islanders.

Let’s wait for the attorney general’s findings. Our town deserves to know what our government is doing to the full extent that the law allows, up to and including all applicable information that led to the Town Council’s temporary removal of our chief.

Alicia Kelley
Chairwoman, Scituate Democratic Town Committee