TOM WARD – End our subsidies that keep Musk’s cars afloat

TOM WARD – End our subsidies that keep Musk’s cars afloat

While I’m still unsure if driving “the beast” (our new RV) will be my cup of tea on any really long-distance trips, my wife and I had a nice vacation in the Canadian Maritimes these past two weeks. I’d like to thank Erika Sanzi for adding her insights to this page while I was away. This week, Erika is here again, giving Arlene Violet the week off. Her topic – better education – just happens to be perfectly timed for the beginning of the school year. You’ll be seeing more of Erika’s work in the months ahead.

While I was away:

• Work by Red Oak Remodeling, of Coventry, was finishing up on renovations to the building that houses the Looff Carousel in Pawtucket’s Slater Park. The results are beautiful, and should keep the carousel safe and dry for decades to come. The grand re-opening will be held Friday at 6 p.m. For parents across northern Rhode Island, it’s time to pack up the kids and bring them to the carousel again.

• Speaking of education, a Wall Street Journal article Sept. 4 made it clear: In schools where kids are allowed to have their cell phones, the biggest distractions were caused by parents bugging their kids throughout the day. Parents claim to want to be able to reach their child in emergencies, but that’s nonsense. Whatever happened to calling the school’s office?

In a test program last year in 13 classrooms, San Mateo High School in California began locking up cell phones for the day. Teachers noted kids more engaged in class and more social with each other at lunch. Things are better. This year, the entire school will do things this way.

Honestly, you really don’t need studies for this. It’s common sense. (Also, I haven’t done a study, but I’ll bet bullying declines. You’re welcome...) And yes, administrators might remind parents to leave their kids alone. Parents: For the day anyway, your kids don’t need you, and don’t want to hear from you. Their schooling is more important than having to deal with your texting addiction.

• Elon Musk is a genius. I get it. He’s built a great electric car, and can make a rocket launcher float back to a platform in the ocean. His technology is remarkable. Still, I was more than a bit perturbed recently when he went to China for the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference and said “China is the future” as he spoke glowingly of construction progress at his new “gigafactory.”

Indeed, it is amazing what a country can do with so many slaves. The facial recognition...Big Brother...the social credits to keep drones in line... Musk loves it!

I’d have hoped for a bit more deference in that U.S. taxpayers have been subsidizing “tax credits” to keep Musk’s electric cars – his toys for the rich – afloat. The $7,500 per car tax credit was born during the Obama stimulus plan in 2009, and it is set to expire. Senate lackeys want it to live forever, adding $16 billion to the debt (mostly to make politicians feel good about being “green.”)

We’re being robbed. Musk is the robber; politicians buy his guns and ammo. Now he’s overseas, with our money, kissing the backsides of his Chinese overlords who will be stealing his technology.

End the tax credits. Let’s see how Musk does without subsidies. Real business, “the American way.”

Ward is publisher of The Valley Breeze


You are right on the mark, Tom. This "green" industry is in fact, green. But, it is only green as evidenced by the withdrawal of green from my wallet and deposited into the "green" industry's wallet. If "green" technology is so efficient and great, than why are they ALL subsidized by my dollars? I don't know about all of you out there, but I certainly can't afford a Tesla and certainly don't want my tax dollars being used for such silliness.

why do you hate the environment?

what is wrong with the government encouraging green purchases that will help us have cleaner air?

"Why do I hate the environment?"
Always the attacks first. Always.
I don't "hate" the environment, and welcome you to join in my community litter cleanup next April. Just watch for details, get off the keyboard, and help.
Musk's Tesla is a wonderful product. It no longer needs subsidies. Only pretty wealthy people can afford them. So let him compete for sales without my $16 billion.
And by the way, unless an owner is plugging the car into a battery and solar panels, he's using fossil fuels, run through a power plant, to charge the car. A little wind and solar, maybe, but mostly fossil fuels. There's no "green energy" fairy. Only, for the most part, fossil fuels, in one form or another.
And riddle me this, Breezedog: Do all those companies in Chile using all that fossil fuel to dig up the earth to mine all the lithium for Musk's batteries, do they "hate" the environment, or love it? Help me out.
Oh, and can we come together to figure out how to get the rich Tesla owner to pay his "fair share" of road taxes that he no longer has to pay like the rest of us? No gas, no federal and state road repair taxes paid. And a $7,500 subsidy! What a country! (Well, for him, anyway).

the government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers. If enough people buy Teslas,then that company will survive. If not, oh well, Elon can try something else.