Officials at ‘critical point’ in McCoy analysis

Officials at ‘critical point’ in McCoy analysis

PAWTUCKET – Officials from the city and state expect to make a final decision on the future of McCoy Stadium soon, say local officials.

Mayor Donald Grebien said officials “are far along in their conversations with the applicants.”

Officials have not indicated whether any of the proposals have been eliminated. Also not clear is whether they’ll be able to select one or two proposals, as there are separate proposals for both McCoy and the downtown area.

“We thank CommerceRI for their partnership as we reach the final stages of the process,” Grebien said. “We are at a critical point in the evaluation and hope to share information on a final decision soon.”

Grebien said the city is confident that the decision made will ultimately bring about transformative developments that will benefit Pawtucket for years to come.

“Pawtucket is a desirable location for development, and there is a lot of interest from investors, especially in our five federally designated opportunity zones,” he said.

Officials had previously announced that they would likely choose a bidder by the end of September after months of internal discussions and analysis with the applicants.

Local residents will have to wait a little longer to learn whether there is a future of baseball at McCoy after the Pawtucket Red Sox leave following next season. Of six total bids responding to a request for proposals, there are two separate bids for baseball, one from a group headlined by PawSox minority owner Mike Tamburro for a lower level minor league baseball team, and one from a group led by Frank Boulton for an Atlantic League professional baseball team.

Four other proposals include:

• One by Fortuitous Partners to bring United Soccer to the downtown and a multi-sport recreational park to the McCoy site;

• And one by Native Waters Investment LLC to build a family entertainment center and riverfront park in the downtown area.

• One by the Level Exchange to create a hub centered on the music industry;

• One from AJAX Advisors to bring professional soccer to a new downtown stadium and convert McCoy to light industrial use.

Several of the proposals are said to have serious investment behind them.


Because of the history, I hope it remains as a ballpark. I encourage people to read "Bottom of the 33rd" by Dan Barry, a great book that describes the longest game in baseball history in great detail and includes many Pawtucket references and "stories within the story". I sense Pawtucket is being revitalized and am still sorry that the state didn't work something out at the Apex location.