Bethel: No urgency for post office project

Bethel: No urgency for post office project

Albion is a ghost town! It’s a village divided. We have no economy here. It’s been over two and a half years since that cold wintery night when the historical post office burned to the ground. I watched it on live feed via the historical society. Never did I think that our mail would be so widely disrupted for so long.

There are many people involved with the rebuilding process but I can say that they have put no urgency into this project. There has been no one working at this jobsite for months on end. While I walk past the construction I notice many questionable things. Earlier on, the temporary fencing they had was always in the walkway. When it wasn’t in the walkway it was on the ground from the wind. It must have been the cheapest temp fence I’ve ever seen.

Everyone should prepare for the long haul that we will have to get mail in Manville. While my elderly landlord has to drive several miles to get his mail, others have to have friends and neighbors retrieve it for them. It’s an inconvenience for sure, not the end of the world. It would be very easy for the Post Office to mail door to door. Save the residents, taxpayers and this mainly aging community. Thank you Pam Azar, councilwoman, for speaking for the silent majority of the village.

Jared K. Bethel