Excitement at CHS hits high gear

Excitement at CHS hits high gear

Just over a month into the new 2019-2020 school year, it is already clear that Cumberland High School is well on its way to producing another successful and exciting chapter for the books.

Over the past month, our community has welcomed the Class of 2023, held freshmen student council elections, expanded upon government board positions, and witnessed student participation in these programs grow to an all-time high.

Student government, which is now even more active and integrated among the student body, has been busy at work preparing for the upcoming events of the school’s annual spirit week to take place in October. Also taking place in October was one of the three annual blood drives, on Tuesday Oct. 8. One donation can save three lives, so please donate if you can.

As for spirit week, this year it falls on the week of Oct. 13-19. It is our honor to announce that a percentage of all class T-shirts sold will be donated to the Roland Paquette Memorial Foundation, a local foundation dedicated to helping families battling cancer. All proceeds that the foundation receives will be donated to Marisa Costa, a CHS graduate battling stage 2 breast cancer. The front of all shirts will include a pink ribbon as a sign of support for the cause.

The week’s events will commence on Monday, class hallway decorating day. Tuesday will be Hawaiian dress-up day and boys’ and girls’ powderpuff. Wednesday is pink-out day, for breast cancer awareness, as well as lip sync. Thursday brings class color day and class clash. And Friday is school color day, with the pep rally during school hours, and the homecoming football game at night. Saturday is our homecoming dance and the day that the winner of spirit week will be announced. Who will come out on top this year?

Editor’s note: We’re happy to welcome the voices of Megan and other CHS students to share some of what’s going on at the school this year.