Mills: Seeking smooth pavement

Mills: Seeking smooth pavement

I have a sunroof in my car and I am tempted to drive Diamond Hill Road’s newly paved section with my kids sticking their heads out of it spotting the sunken manhole covers – you know – like sailors used to do from a crow’s nest looking for land. Before anyone writes any comments against me, I know it’s illegal and downright dangerous, so no – I am not going to do it, but it is tempting.

Right when I think I have remembered to swerve to the right at Nancy Drive, then left near Phantom Farm and heading south, watch out for the water pipe cover that seems to jump out of the ground every day near J’s Deli, I seem to forget and then whack – I hit it and send my front end alignment out of whack.

As reported in The Valley Breeze (July 2019), manhole and water covers were to be fixed to raise them level with the roadway. By my count, only a few were fixed before work stopped.

Some of the deepest manhole covers are still there and are such a hazard that some have been painted by who I would call a good Samaritan trying to warn oncoming drivers of the hazard that lies ahead.

It was also reported that the giant swells in the roadway were going to be planed down and regraded so that your vehicle doesn’t feel like it just hit a mogul on a double black diamond ski slope – but that work was never completed either.

Now, as we contend with the slalom course on Diamond Hill Road, we also have to learn to navigate the double roundabouts at Route 295 (I will refrain from any more ski references).

Don’t try to avoid all this by taking Mendon Road, it is no better as recently reported that the repair of all the sunken manhole covers will be put off for a year. And are you ready for more? It has also been reported that Diamond Hill Road south of the Chapel is now slated to have new water lines installed. Yay. We get to go through all of this again.

All we can hope for, besides smooth new pavement, is that valuable lessons were learned and history won’t repeat. But history tells us that’s impossible!

Russ Mills