Police again say they’re getting closer to arrest in Stowik murder

Police again say they’re getting closer to arrest in Stowik murder

CUMBERLAND – As the four-year anniversary of Stanley Stowik’s murder passes this week, local police are striking a familiar chord on how the investigation is going.

Police Chief John Desmarais said the department is still working on the case with the Rhode Island Department of Health, R.I. State Police, FBI and Office of the Attorney General. Asked if law enforcement is any closer to an arrest, he said, “Yes, we are. I cannot comment on any other information.”

The Valley Breeze reported in January that police had added Stowik’s murder to the state’s cold case playing card deck, despite Desmarais and others repeatedly stating that the case hasn’t gone cold and officials believing they know who killed him.

Police have also denied claims from the family that the original investigation was botched.

“I think we have enough evidence to move forward,” the chief said in January, repeating a theme he’s often offered since the murder. He told The Breeze a year earlier that he expected prosecution of a suspect to “move forward very soon.”

Police have only said that Stowik died of “homicidal violence.”

Members of the Stowik family declined to comment on the lack of progress in the investigation.

This investigation has focused throughout on Stowik’s former neighbor, convicted felon William Donnelly, a man who had previously served time for murdering his boss in the 1980s.

Police have emphasized that they believe Stowik was targeted, and that they don’t believe his killer poses a danger to the public.

Stowik, a former lifelong town resident, was a retired town employee and U.S. Navy veteran. He was killed on Oct. 10, 2015, in his home on Indiana Avenue, last seen alive at the American Legion Post #14.


I pray for your pain to be over and a conclusion comes soon. Your husband father grandfather friend and neighbor was an amazing man and that shall never be forgotten. A true Cumberlandite!
Jared Bethel