What’s your hurry? Hell can wait!

What’s your hurry? Hell can wait!

Tom Ward’s comments about speeding problems (Opinions, Valley Breeze, Oct. 3) reminded me of my father’s advice. In Chicago 50 years ago, dad was my first driving teacher. He said the police never ticketed a driver doing five miles above the posted speed limit, and except for quota day almost never fined anyone doing up to 10 miles above. Why? Maybe some cops were sympathetic to modest speeders but almost all knew traffic court would probably throw those cases out.

I followed dad’s rule in the Midwest and after moving to the East Coast 31 years ago. No speeding ticket in over 40 years.

But out here I think either police are more tolerant or many drivers take greater liberties.

For over 20 years in Cumberland, particularly on Abbott Run Valley Road and Bear Hill Road, I have often faced impatient drivers dangerously close to my rear bumper, annoyed at my speed. Is the “rule of thumb” out here to drive up to 15 or maybe 20 miles higher than allowed? On roads lacking sidewalks and often filled with children and adult pedestrians, such risky driving is unconscionable.

Maybe my subdued Midwest driving sets a good example to drivers behind me, or maybe it just upsets them even more. But I wish I had a bumper sticker I saw in North Attleboro years ago. It showed the skeletal face of death with a scythe and the words, “What’s your hurry? Hell can wait!”

Let’s all discipline our impatience and slow down, for the sake of our pedestrian children and adults!

Ed Bubnys