Kennedy Manor Social club elects officers

Kennedy Manor Social club elects officers

WOONSOCKET – The Kennedy Manor Social Club elected the following officers at its Oct. 1 meeting.

Officers: Pauline Clancy, president; Jeanne Levreault, vice president; Marion Liard, secretary; Linda Smith, treasurer; Christine Casavant, sunshine.

Advisory Board: Debra Ducharme, David Wolfe, Diane Guyot, Rita Charpentier, Pauline Cote, Arthur Benoit, alternate.

Auditors: Connie Seider, Gino Girard, Christine Casavant.

Upcoming events for the rest of the year include a Halloween Party on Saturday, Oct. 26; Thanksgiving Party on Saturday, Nov. 23 and a Christmas Party on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Celebrating birthdays in September were Pauline Ledoux, Claire Benoit, Diane Sequin, James Sisson, Marion Liard, Gail and Gino Girard.

Split-the-pot winners were Ginger Healey, Linda Leblanc, Connie Seider, Nadine Cudjo, Pauline Cote, Al Joly, James Sisson and Pauline Ledoux.