Wait times at Department of Human Services

Wait times at Department of Human Services

My daughter recently had to call the R.I. Department of Human Services to check on the status of her daycare assistance and was placed on hold for over an hour. This is unacceptable and should not be happening, especially since the taxpayers of Rhode Island funded millions of dollars into a new system for DHS.

We are in the 21st century and should be going forward with technology not backward. I have emailed my senator and strongly urge that everyone else does the same because you wouldn’t support a business that did this and people using these services should be treated no differently.

Needless to say, the subsidy that allows my granddaughter to go to an after-school program at Kids Klub ends today and after that it goes to $75/week.

It’s ironic that people are willing to complain about unemployed people sitting at home and abusing the system, but then expect working families to take a day out of work because services like the daycare assistance program make you wait hours to talk to someone either in person or over the phone just to get services to be able to work.

Cheri Hareter