Lincoln police arrest man for Twin River bomb threat

Lincoln police arrest man for Twin River bomb threat

LINCOLN - On Thursday night, Lincoln Police officers arrested 23-year-old Julio Santana, of Worcester, Mass., for making a bomb threat against the Twin River Casino Hotel, among other charges.

Shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 10, Lincoln Police received a 911 call from Santana stating that he had placed a bomb in the Lincoln hotel. He said he was wearing a black shirt and would be waiting at the entrance of Twin River Casino for the police to arrive. He also gave the dispatcher the cell phone number he was calling from.

Lincoln officers arrived at the entrance a few minutes later and saw Santana, who approached the arriving officers. Once Santana was secured, Twin River surveillance was able to confirm that at no time did he enter any part of the hotel. Security staffers were also able to retrace Santana’s activity while in the casino and reported that there was no suspicious behavior that would indicate Santana had an opportunity to place a device on the property.

Lincoln police, along with members of the Providence Police Department and Rhode Island State Police, conducted a search of the area that Santana had access to as a precaution. Searching officers were able to confirm that there was no credible threat at that time.

Santana was transported back to the Lincoln Police Department where he was processed. A Superior Court bail violator, he was to be transported to Third District Court on Friday morning to arraigned on the charges of making a bomb threat, providing false information to 911, and disorderly conduct.