City looking to upgrade street signage

City looking to upgrade street signage

PAWTUCKET – Department of Public Works Director Eric Earls says he agrees with the contention of Councilor Albert Vitali Jr. that the city’s street signs need upgrading. He says undertaking such an effort is essential to resident quality of life, would provide better visibility, and would be more aesthetically pleasing.

The DPW appreciates the ideas and recommendations brought forth by Vitali, said Earls, responding to the councilman’s request at the Oct. 23 meeting that the city consider setting aside funds from its new traffic camera ticket program for repairing and replacing the signs.

By Vitali’s estimates, about half of the city’s signs, including street name signs and traffic control signs, are faded and should be replaced. Earls isn’t giving an estimate on how many signs need replacing.

Over the past month, the DPW has been working on a citywide plan for programmatic changes to update the signage, said Earls.

“The city is ultimately looking to issue a request for proposals for services associated with these upgrades in order to get a true valuation of what the process will cost,” he said. “We anticipate moving forward with the RFP within the next few months.”

It’s too early to determine how much money the traffic program will bring in, said Earls in a memo to the council. The hope is still that the tickets will decline dramatically as drivers grow accustomed to the camera program. Citywide sign upgrades are being considered outside of any potential revenue from the speed cameras, he said.