Albion residents petition for home mail delivery

Albion residents petition for home mail delivery

LINCOLN – Fed up with the slow pace of construction on the local post office and the lack of home mail delivery in the village, residents of Albion are petitioning the United States Postal Service for delivery services.

The roughly 500 residents of Albion have never had mail delivered to their homes. This became more inconvenient for the village when, in early 2017, their post office on the corner of School and Main Streets burned down. Construction has been ongoing since that November.

Diane Richard started an official petition, provided by U.S.P.S., to provide “rural” home delivery service to Albion. She’s working with the president of the Highland Falls Condominium Association to gather signatures from residents who support the petition.

When Richard spoke to The Valley Breeze on Monday, she had already gathered 60 signatures. The condo association alone houses roughly 200 residents.

This Sunday, Nov. 10, Richard has permission to gather signatures at Landry’s Auto from 10 a.m. to noon, for those interested.

Amy Bolger, a representative for U.S.P.S., responded to an inquiry by The Breeze regarding the timeline for construction on the Albion Post Office.

She said the owner of the building (not U.S.P.S.) recently hired a new contractor “to finish up where the other contractor left off. We have not been provided with a specific date of completion.”

Bolger said there is one free form of mail delivery that is available to all postal customers: a no-fee P.O. box, available to customers who are ineligible for carrier delivery.

“Decisions to extend no-fee service, in lieu of delivery, are based on the Postal Service considering the following factors: the effects on the customers served by the Postal Service, sanctity of the mail, the effects on Postal Service employees, the most economical use of postal resources, postal operational requirements, mail volumes, and other factors determined necessary,” she said.

Those who do not have the benefit of home delivery are given a free P.O. box, as it is in Albion.

For offices under “emergency suspension” such as Albion, Bolger said the U.S.P.S. “does not create new modes of delivery for what is likely to be temporary, but we may assign new places of delivery for that period.”

The primary reason for Albion not having home delivery remains unclear.

“We, like the residents of Albion, look forward to a return to operations in our new Post Office in the community,” Bolger said.