Berkeley Oval Pretty Potty officially open for…business

Berkeley Oval Pretty Potty officially open for…business

Lauren Nigri shows off the Pretty Potty she helped design and build for the Berkeley Oval athletic facility off Martin Street. (Breeze photos by Ethan Shorey)

CUMBERLAND – The new baseball field at the Berkeley Oval is set to open soon, and perhaps the fanciest outdoor potty this town has ever seen is now in place for when it does.

Cumberland resident Lauren Nigri, a senior at Cumberland High School, officially unveiled her Pretty Potty at the field off Martin Street near the Blackstone River Bikeway on Oct. 29.

She thanked the many people who helped her with this Girl Scout Gold Award project, including adviser Jenny Mutter, Cumberland’s first lady, New England Distance running club, the Boys & Girls Club, Diggers Landscaping, town workers, and Brian Sage of Connecticut-based Pretty Potties.

The project was a partnership between Nigri, the town, N.I. Distance Running, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island.

The wooden enclosed bathroom will not be open for regular use by anyone stopping by the field, but will have a code so only certain groups, including club members and the running club, can use it. It may also be open for events, according to officials.

Inside the potty is finished wood, a decorative porcelain sink, a lamp, books, and fake flowers, creating a cozy feel.

After this “long and challenging” year-long project, said Nigri, she was happy to arrive at this day. She said she learned a lot about dedication, determination and reaching goals.

Mayor Jeff Mutter said this is the perfect location, next to a restored town field and in a blossoming area, for this amenity. He thanked Nigri for her work and contribution to the town.

Nigri, daughter of Cheryl Gray and stepdaughter of Chris Gray and member of Troop 66 since kindergarten, said she originally noticed while running with her mom and her cross-country team that the bike path had no bathrooms. She said she thought it would be a good idea to add a facility for those who use the path.

She visited Sage in his workshop to help design and build the Pretty Potty, using elements of past Pretty Potties projects.

She originally wanted to place the Pretty Potty right along the bike path, but switched gears when she ran into roadblocks at the state level.

The inside of the Pretty Potty is nicer than the bathrooms of many homes.