Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Nov. 1

Happy Birthday, Grace L'Heureux. Time does fly. How can you be 18 already? Love, Grandma and Grandpa Kissik

Happy Birthday, Grace! Love, Auntie Karen, Uncle Rick, Jared, Evan and Molly

Grace L'Heureux, 18? Is that right?! Happy B-Day! Love, Uncle

Grace, where did the time go? Happy 18th Birthday! Love, Laurie, Arthur, Hailey and Brewski

Nov. 2

Karen Leblanc, Happy Birthday to a super mom and wife! Love, Rick, Jared, Evan and Molly

Happy Birthday, Karen (Auntie)!! Love, Laurie, Arthur, Hailey, Grace and Brewski

Karen Leblanc, Happy Birthday to a terrific daughter! Love, Mom and Dad Kissik

Nov. 3

Joey Zangari, Happy 13th Birthday! Love, Gramma and Poppa Zangari

Happy Birthday, Russ Gusetti! From all your friends at The Valley Breeze

Nov. 5

Keegan Bowser, Happy 3rd Birthday! Love, Mommy, Daddy and Lukas

Nov. 8

Dave Deacon, Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Love, Jake and Maddy

Happy Birthday, Dave Deacon! Love, Linda

Mary Jane Lukasiewicz, Happy Birthday to the warrior who is such an inspiration and never gives up! Love ME and Tony

Nov. 11

Sue Andrade, aka Mema, Happy Birthday! Love, Christie, Nate, Kukas and Keegan

Nov. 14

The Valley Breeze wishes Priscilla Charlier a very Happy Birthday!

Nov. 20

Ted Thorpe, Happy Birthday to the best computer whiz in New England! To my favorite oldest brother. Lots of love, Mare and Tony

Nov. 27

Rhonda Hanson, Happy Birthday from all your friends at The Valley Breeze!