At Cumberland High, students preparing for holiday outreach

At Cumberland High, students preparing for holiday outreach

Spirit Week is a time of unification, whether it be through dress-up themes such as “Hawaiian Day” or “Pink Out,” or through a common goal for each grade: beating the senior class.

As a junior at Cumberland High School, this year’s Spirit Week was even better than I had anticipated. I attended most of the school’s events with my friends, and it was an experience most of us will never forget. The spirit shown throughout the student body was exhilarating and left us excited and motivated to attend school each morning. Though there is a spirit of healthy competition between each of the grades, at the end of each week all students are encouraged to dress in our school colors of blue and white. We are Cumberland High School. We are strong, motivated, and unified.

With the end of Spirit Week, Cumberland High School has many other exciting events planned. The students in Tri-M, a music honors society, held their first performance of the year. These students give performances that are entirely self-directed, and they are always breathtaking to see.

Cumberland High School is also beginning to hold auditions for its annual Variety Show. This event is one of the most exciting events of the school year, featuring student comedians and singers. Year after year, the CHS Variety Show is truly something to attend and look forward to.

Alongside the beautiful art and music that CHS has to offer, we are also in the process of holding many fundraisers, such as Blessings in a Backpack and our Turkey Basket food drive. The student government is working hard to help those who are in need in our community, especially during the Thanksgiving season.

With Blessings in a Backpack, we are donating to help feed those students who rely on school-funded lunches and might be without food every weekend. Alongside this, our Turkey Basket food drive is also working to donate to those families who do not have food for Thanksgiving dinner, and donations will go directly to feed them during this special holiday. Through these fundraisers, CHS is unified.

Our school is a community, and so is our town. Together, the students and faculty of CHS are helping those of a larger community, the town of Cumberland, who need us the most.