Tumblesalts owner addresses rejected offer for the old Brayton School

Tumblesalts owner addresses rejected offer for the old Brayton School

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The owner of the Hopscotch Room and Tumblesalts Café says he wants to make it clear that his $10,000 offer to the town for the old E.A. Brayton School was not an attempt to be cheap, but took into account the great cost of rehabbing the old structure near his complex.

Brad Aubin said he’d been told to offer $1 for the property as the only bidder to restore it, but wanted to make a reasonable offer that showed he was serious. He says his estimates are that it would cost him $596,000 to convert the old building into a modern marketplace and residential building.

The Breeze reported last week that Mayor Charles Lombardi planned to put a new sign on the building off Mineral Spring Avenue to see if the town can secure more than $10,000 for the building.

Adding to the cost of doing this project, emphasizes Aubin, is that the Historic District Commission “wants it to be a certain way,” and the person who restores it will take on extra expense to comply.

Asked if he would still be interested in buying the building if the town isn’t able to get a higher offer, Aubin said officials would have to tell him what they want.

What typically happens in a case such as this is that the seller comes back with a counteroffer and has some dialogue, he said. The mayor did not inform him that he wasn’t taking his offer prior to it being reported in The Breeze, he said.

Aubin says he envisions a “market square” type of development similar to Faneuil Hall in Boston where people shop, listen to music and enjoy artists’ work.


Without a reasonable amount of parking and egress, that marketplace idea will never work. Time to move on and make it housing as it probably should be at this juncture.