Pawtucket Preservation Society announces rewards for great work

Pawtucket Preservation Society announces rewards for great work

PAWTUCKET – The Preservation Society of Pawtucket has announced the establishment of a Preservation Reward Program to support historic preservation efforts in the city.

The PSP will give up to three monetary gifts, for a combined total not exceeding $2,000, for preservation-related projects completed in Pawtucket.

Barbara Zdravesky, president of the board and pictured, said this is not a grant to subsidize a project, but a reward for completing one.

This is a small total, she said, but the PSP is one of very few preservation societies with such funds available. It was made possible because there was an endowment attached to the Joseph Spaulding House, which the PSP sold earlier this year, and the $1,500 in interest on that endowment now becomes operating income, “extra cash we didn’t have before.” Many people have asked about grants, she said, and the PSP has always had to say now.

“We find ourselves in a really great position to be able to do that,” said Zdravesky. “It’s very satisfying to say that yes, we have some cash and we want to give it to people.”

Eligible projects will have been completed in the 18 months prior to Feb. 1. They must be viewable by the general public, meaning no internal private property projects.

Projects don’t need not be associated with a specific building or place. Digital, archival, or narrative projects will be considered. Rewards will be given to individuals, no-profit organizations, small businesses, or religious institutions.

Applications must be received by the PSP no later than Feb. 1. Applications and supporting materials may be submitted by mail or email. Addresses are on the application. Applications will be reviewed by the board of directors in February and March and decisions will be made by early April. Rewards will be announced and presented at the annual meeting in early May.

Supporting materials should include before and after photos, project outline, description of historical relevance, and a summary of what the project contributes to the community.

This reward program will be funded by the Elizabeth J. Johnson Endowment Fund, established to support history research and preservation efforts in Pawtucket.

Project examples are restoration, rehabilitation, preservation, preservation service, and stewardship.

PSP members are hoping this program will help spread awareness about the importance of local preservation in Pawtucket, said Zdravesky. There are many preservation-minded people out there, and it will be great to bring attention to what they’re doing. It doesn’t have to be for a specific building or place, she said, but generally “history and preservation specific to Pawtucket, including interpretation and archival projects. The program application is available at .