Cervone: Impeachment hearings are a circus led by ‘cretins’

Cervone: Impeachment hearings are a circus led by ‘cretins’

As the circus sideshow continues with the Democrats and their impeachment witch hunt, more of their own corruption, lies and hate are sure to be exposed.

We all know that our leadership express runs on lies, misdirection, cover-ups and extorting monetary resources from its citizens any way possible. If anyone tried to inject ethics and honesty into this system it would collapse like a house of cards.

And look at the individuals that they are presenting the country with for the 2020 elections. Have you ever seen a more disgraceful group of individuals in your life? Would any normal thinking American invite any of these sycophants into their home? I doubt that very much.

These people want nothing more than to destroy our way of life, destroy the Constitution, take away our freedoms and plunge us into abject poverty and misery while they reap the benefits of their position and will do their best to obtain more power and money from the true Americans left in this country.

Are we normal thinking Americans going to let them get away with this or are we finally going to let them know what we think of them in 2020?

God help us all if these cretins obtain more power and control over us.

John Cervone

North Providence