Lincoln police department collecting data on traffic

Lincoln police department collecting data on traffic

LINCOLN – A trailer set up at the intersection of Olney Avenue and Lakeview Avenue is collecting data for the Lincoln Police Department and town officials that will be used to increase safety measures in that area.

The trailer is one of two purchased and put into use in Lincoln this year as officials try to limit speeding across town. Once the trailer in Saylesville collects a week’s worth of data, it will be moved elsewhere to do the same.

Town Councilor Pamela Azar, who leads the Public Safety Committee, said the Bluetooth-powered trailer is currently counting the number of cars that travel through the intersection in a 24-hour period.

“This week, in a single day, 1,000 cars had gone by,” Azar said. “At one point that street was a dead-end. It was made a continuous road and now we have speed alley.”

On Monday night, Police Chief Brian Sullivan described to the Town Council how the trailers work. The trailers are connected to computers at the town’s police station, where officers can review data for each trailer. The trailers can also capture speeding vehicles by snapping a photo with the logged speed.

Right now, they’re only counting cars, but Azar said the radar function on cameras may be implemented in the future.

Azar said town officials wouldlikely install signs and then issue warnings before ever moving to ticket offenders. She noted that a speed camera installed on the Pawtucket side of Smithfield Avenue, where drivers receive tickets for speeding, has slowed traffic significantly, even into Lincoln.

Azar said residents have expressed concerns about speeding in various neighborhoods. Breakneck Hill Road is of particular concern to her, as are Albion Road and Route 116.

“I’m afraid with the new development near the Lincoln Mall that traffic will be crazy over there,” she said.

Azar said officials will be able to review the data by next month, and that the trailer will move to different parts of town throughout next year.

According to data obtained by The Valley Breeze through a recent public records request, the top reason for vehicles being pulled over by Lincoln Police in the first half of the year was speeding.

From January to July, 170 drivers were stopped for going up to 10 miles per hour over the posted limit, and another 73 were pulled over for speeding 11 miles per hour or more over the posted limit.