Support Tidewater Landing for Pawtucket’s future

Support Tidewater Landing for Pawtucket’s future

The latest proposal for Pawtucket named “Tidewater Landing” should be met with enthusiastic approval especially after the loss of the PawSox. A lot of credit should go to Pawtucket Sen. Sandra Cano, Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien, and Gov. Gina Raimondo for securing this amazing deal. Pawtucket so desperately needed an economic catalyst.

This deal would be an economic boon for Pawtucket. It will have an economic injection of hundreds of millions of dollars in the region, a United Soccer League Championship team, create roughly 3,500 good-paying jobs, and revitalize downtown. These are just some of the benefits.

This deal is much more appealing than the past PawSox deal. The critics of the past PawSox proposal – such as myself – need to learn to accept victory. We won. The taxpayers will not be on the hook financing a private company. Public funding is being diverted to upgrade derelict infrastructure in support of the deal. For those that have ever driven in Pawtucket, we desperately need some serious upgrades to our infrastructure.

Let’s welcome this investment with open arms, and recognize our elected leaders for looking out for us. Pawtucket deserves a fighting chance and with this deal, it will get just that. This is about the future of our great state and region.

Together, we can make Pawtucket a better place for the next generation.

Matthew Fecteau


Matthew Fecteau is a member of the Senate Eight Committee and an Iraq War veteran.