Futures foretold by outsiders?

Futures foretold by outsiders?

Change would make it legal

PAWTUCKET – A pending change before the City Council would allow people from outside Pawtucket to run fortune-telling businesses within its borders.

The ordinance up for revision is from 1996, though the city’s online records show such licenses being approved at least back to the early 1980s.

The following is the single line that would be struck from the fortune-telling ordinance, which is set to be sent by the City Council to its ordinance subcommittee Wednesday evening, Dec. 11: “All applicants for such licenses must be a resident of the city of Pawtucket.”

Ordinance Chairman Terry Mercer said he doesn’t necessarily see it as a problem to take the decades-old requirement away.

“Not too many licenses that we still have have a residency requirement,” he said. And frankly, he added, he’s not even sure the law as currently written is legal.

The impetus for the requested change is a request from a business near the Pawtucket Library that mostly deals in reiki and healing, but also does a small amount of fortune-telling. The owner of that business isn’t from Pawtucket.

“I told (Deputy Clerk Michelle Hardy) she should have seen that coming,” joked Mercer.

There are few licenses left in Pawtucket that still have a residency requirement, said Mercer, and he doesn’t see the logic of keeping it in place here.