2020 begins with gratitude

2020 begins with gratitude

What better way to start 2020 than to have a heating pipe burst on New Year’s Day, resulting in a boiler room filled with steam that damaged some of the mechanisms? It certainly was not what we’d planned for by any means. However, it would have been significantly worse had our Cumberland firefighter teams and their off-duty captain not reacted as quickly as they did.

They came in force, entering the building and taking immediate action once they determined the issue was steam and not smoke that set off the detectors.

We were additionally blessed that “Captain Craig” is also our heating company’s service manager and familiar with our location. That was a major asset in minimizing damage and initiating immediate repairs.

What could have been catastrophic became merely inconvenient. Our Cumberland first responders were not only quick and effective, they also provided guidance on next steps and patiently answered all our questions, making a bad situation better.

To them it may have been just another day on the job, but to our parish they are heroes.

With a grateful heart,

Emmanuel Episcopal Church