New life for ‘animal house’ rescue dog

New life for ‘animal house’ rescue dog

Of the more than 25 dogs rescued from a breeder in March 2018, Smithfield Animal Control said Lola may have been in the worst shape. Alyssa Panciocco, of Cranston, adopted Lola, whose age is estimated between 4 to 6 years. Panciocco has a GoFundMe page to raise money for Lola’s surgery due to complications from improper cesarean-sections and a knee injury.

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield Animal Control officers said Lola the bulldog was one of the dogs, if not the dog, in the worst condition when she was rescued from a breeding operation at 189 Pleasant View Ave. back in 2018.

Cranston resident Alyssa Panciocco adopted Lola in May 2018, two months after her rescue from what became known as the “animal house” in Smithfield where more than 25 dogs and more than 100 reptiles and rats were kept in deplorable conditions for breeding or to be sold, according to police reports. The home was condemned.

According to Panciocco, Lola needed surgery immediately following her rescue to remove staples used to close an illegal cesarean section performed on the dog. She said bulldogs often need C-sections to deliver puppies, but the surgery was not done by a professional.

“They used maybe a staple gun,” she said.

Panciocco said Lola had possibly three or four litters of puppies. She arrived in the shelter in pretty bad shape.

“They had to remove the staples. She had a hernia. She had mange,” Panciocco said.

Two men were charged in the animal cruelty case. Michael Williams pleaded guilty to unlawful/unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine and conspiracy to unlawfully practice veterinary medicine last April. He received a six-year sentence with one year to serve for both charges. He was accused of cropping dogs’ ears at an East Providence car wash.

A second man, Michael “Noel” Ramos, pleaded no contest to unnecessary cruelty to animals and conspiracy in September 2018. He received 22 months of probation and 80 hours of community service.

Lola has thrived since being welcomed into Panciocco’s home, where she lives with dachshund, Rocco. The two pups made fast friends, Panciocco said.

Panciocco said Lola has a perky personality and is “very grateful and very sweet.”

Panciocco said Lola is her first rescue dog, and she was inspired to take her in by friends who rescue dogs of their own.

At first, Panciocco said it was apparent that Lola had never been out of her cage, nevermind on a leash. She said progress was slow but rewarding when she saw Lola enjoy her first steps on grass.

“She just needed a little love,” Panciocco said.

Lola is still a happy girl even after the return of a pre-existing knee condition and hernia in her stomach. Panciocco said she started a GoFundMe page, Help Lola Get Better for the New Year, to help with medical bills.

Following her knee operation on Jan. 3, Panciocco said Lola needs to go back into surgery to repair scarring due to multiple C-sections and to fix her hernia.

Panciocco said any help is appreciated, and said donations to the Burrillville Animal Shelter or Cranston Animal Shelter are also needed.

Lola originally went to the Burrillville Animal Shelter, and rescue dogs from the case were brought to the Smithfield, Glocester, and North Providence Animal Shelters as well.

“The shelter has been so good with the case. If you can bring something into the shelter, they get low on supplies in the winter,” Panciocco said.