‘Foster’ song a hit with locals

‘Foster’ song a hit with locals

Songwriter Chris Guertin shares his love for Foster in his song, “I Live in Foster,” and shows off his favorite locations in town in the music video he shot and edited on his smartphone.

FOSTER – Since last June when songwriter Chris Guertin released the music video for the song “I Live in Foster,” town residents have been singing the choral lines “Foster, Foster, Foster,” to him and musician Don Lurgio.

Guertin wrote the hit several years ago and waited to record it until he found the right musician who could create the proper country feel. In stepped Lurgio, who lives down the street from Guertin.

He said Lurgio, who is involved with many music projects in Foster, represented a perfect partner. Lurgio had the sound, and more importantly, the “Foster cred,” Guertin said.

“If you watch the video, I am the band,” Lurgio said.

Lurgio said he spoke with Guertin about doing the song years ago, liking how it featured Foster. He layered tracks of guitar, fiddle, bass, and mandolin for the song.

“People seem to like it, especially people in Foster,” Lurgio said.

Lurgio plays several instruments, he said, beginning with the guitar starting at 13 years old. His goal then was to get the girls. Now married and age 62, he said he finally found a song that worked.

The song took three or four sessions to flesh out and record at Foster resident Mike Norberg’s studio.

“I wanted everything about this song, from producer to music, to locations in the video to all be from Foster,” Guertin said.

Several months later, Guertin uploaded “I Live in Foster” by True Gin to YouTube.

“It took me a bunch of years to find players that would play what I liked for the song,” Guertin said.

With more than 5,400 views on YouTube, the two-and-a-half-minute song proves catchy. The video, too, captures the attention of Foster residents.

Part of the catchiness is that Guertin lists Foster-isms that define a town resident. After moving to Foster from Woonsocket 20 years ago, he said he is still considered a newcomer to the town.

“If you’re not fifth-generation Foster, you’re a newcomer,” Guertin said.

Recorded and edited on his smartphone, Guertin selected his favorite public and private locations in Foster to film the video. At each chorus, Guertin raises his arms while he sings, “I live in Foster, Foster, Foster.”

After many years in Foster, he said he found this town as quirky and full of stereotypes as most small towns.

“They’re full of funny phrases. The more I talked with people, the more funny things I would have for the song,” Guertin said.

The midway mark of the video, where Guertin raises his arms with the chorus at a waterfall, has raised some questions. He said people have asked and guessed the location of the waterfall, but he’s not going to tell. It’s definitely in Foster, he said.

“Go out and find it. Go out and find the places in town that I found,” Guertin said. “I’m not going to make it easy for you.”

The song isn’t the friendliest, Guertin admits, but neither is Foster. He said the line, “if you can’t skin a deer while you drive a tractor, I got no use for you,” is something Foster resident said to him.

He follows the line with, “you ain’t from Foster.”

The bottom line for Guertin was that he wanted to write the song because he loves Foster.

“I love Foster. It’s why I moved here. I love the town. I’m poking fun at the town, but I love the town. I’m like everyone else here, and I don’t want anything to change about Foster. I like the quirkiness about Foster. I like being here,” he said.

Guertin and True Gin have a Woonsocket song as well, written 20 years ago about his former home city. Though he works in quality control, he said music is a passion more than a hobby for him.

The more music he makes, the more it becomes an art to Guertin, he said. He’s grateful that people like and share his art, he said.

To hear True Gin’s “I Live in Foster,” search for it on YouTube.


Love the song! Hilarious. Much talent in the small town of Fostah! Love the pitch of all the wonderful landmarks and Historical places too. Very nice song.