Cervone: ‘Pray that we never need our elected officials for anything’

Cervone: ‘Pray that we never need our elected officials for anything’

A dangerous precedent is emerging in our society today and many of us are so involved in trying to keep our lives in order that we do not see it. Unbridled hate and anger are present in both of our legislative parties and they have decided they are not going to try to cover these two emotions any longer.

Washington, D.C., has become a playground for these ignorant, condescending buffoons that we have elected to represent us. They have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars trying to impeach a president while they cannot even hold an election caucus without complete incompetence taking over. Is this the result of a failed educational system or are these individuals so impressed with themselves that they believe that they can do no wrong? We pay these buffoons to protect us but we need protection from them. Does the phrase “We the people” mean anything to these egotistical maniacs?

When are we all going to learn that they do not care about us, our children or anything but themselves? They have a private club and we will never become members and anyone who believes that things will get better is delusional. All we can do is try to live our lives to the best of our ability and pray that we never need our elected officials for anything. As a great man once said, the most frightening words in the English language are “We’re here to help and we’re from the government.” Ask the folks in New Orleans how that worked out for them.

John Cervone

North Providence