Try, try, try again: Boyns wins Scituate Spelling Bee

Try, try, try again: Boyns wins Scituate Spelling Bee

Tristan Boyns, a 6th-grade student at Scituate Middle School, took home the championship trophy at the District-wide Spelling Bee last Wednesday night by correctly spelling the final word “cricket.” It was the 9-year-old’s third spelling bee, but first win. (Breeze photos by Robert Emerson)

SCITUATE – Returning for his third time to the Scituate Spelling Bee, Tristan Boyns of Scituate Middle School bested the top 12 spellers in grades 4-8 after 18 rounds of spelling last Wednesday night, Feb. 5.

The audience fell silent as 6th-grader Boyns, 12, bested his final competition by correctly spelling cricket.

Boyns enthusiastically took the prize trophy. “I’ve worked really hard for this,” he said.

Boyns said he is excited to move on to the Rhode Island State Spelling Bee, sponsored by The Valley Breeze, on March 14. He said he will continue to study with his mom, Caitlin Boyns, to prepare for the state competition.

Boyns said he enjoys reading and his favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction and mythology.

Practice paid off for Boyns, who correctly spelled ancient, surmised, pamphlet, and palindrome without hesitation.

Runner-up Simona Mancini went head-to-head with Boyns for 10 rounds, correctly spelling stark, exploits, keyhole, whisk, and haughty.

Mancini, who traced out the spelling of words on the palm of her hand with her finger, asked throughout the competition for language of origin and for words to be used in a sentence.

Despite having 12 spellers, last week’s competition was down to three contenders by round five.

Katherine Chiappone, an 8th-grader at Scituate Middle School, was the second runner-up, spelling through five rounds before being eliminated on the word appetite. She correctly spelled ramparts, shake, tapestry, vacancy, trifecta, and abundance.

Spellers for the 2020 Scituate Spelling Bee included:

• Daniel Piampiano, grade 6, Jack Patrie, grade 7, and Ella Bard, grade 7, of Scituate Middle School.

• Gabriella DeRosa, grade 4, and Declan Cahill, grade 5, of Clayville Elementary School.

• Lea Aquino, grade 4, and Richard Bond, grade 5, of Hope Elementary School.

• Fallon Green, grade 4, and Fabiola Beene, grade 5, of North Scituate Elementary School.

The participants in the 2020 Scituate Spelling Bee are, front row, from left, Ella Bard, in 7th grade at Scituate Middle School, Fabiola Beene, a 5th-grader at North Scituate, Fallon Green, a North Scituate 4th-grader, Lea Aquino, a Hope 4th-grader, Jack Patrie, in 7th grade at the middle school and Tristan Boyns, a Scituate Middle School 6th-grader. Back row, from left, are Katherine Chiappone, an 8th-grader at the middle school, Richard Bond, a 5th-grader at Hope, Simona Mancini, an 8th-grader at the middle school, Declan Cahill, in Clayville’s 5th grade, Daniel Piampiano, in 6th grade at the middle school, and Gabriella DeRosa, a Clayville 4th-grader.
Fourth-grader Fallon Green, of North Scituate Elementary School, successfully spells the word “amplify.” Waiting her turn is Gabriella DeRosa.