Can you guess the identity of King Jace XXVI?

Can you guess the identity of King Jace XXVI?

WOONSOCKET – Here are the clues for the identity of the king of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras, the mysterious King Jace.

If you think you know the true identity of the man playing King Jace, place one dollar in an official King Jace Quest envelope, available at both Woonsocket Radio Stations and the offices of The Woonsocket Call newspaper on Main Street. All correct guesses will go into a drawing after the king is unmasked on Sunday, Feb. 16, with half the dollars collected going to the winner.

1. Two degrees separate him from others

2. Is Woonsocket born and raised

3. Is a cruiser who loves opera

4. Is impatient with impatient people

5. Supports those who support their community

6. Hates seafood, loves the big apple

7. Loves it when he and ‘things’ work out

8. Serves those he works with

9. Will someday return to Paris10. Not used to this much hair