Last three red-light cameras coming online March 23

Last three red-light cameras coming online March 23

PAWTUCKET – The last three of the city’s red-light cameras have been installed and are set to go live on March 23, according to officials.

The following are the locations for the traffic signal cameras, which are meant to catch those motorists running a red light:

• Division Street and Prospect Street.

• Division Street and School Street.

• And Benefit Street and Newport Avenue.

The red-light cameras have all been installed and will continue to go live incrementally. As each camera goes live, drivers will all have a 30-day grace period.

There are 15 total locations for red-light cameras, and another nine speed camera locations in school zones.

All live red-light cameras in the city caught a total of 3,931 “events,” or apparent infractions, over the past two weeks, according to Arboleda.

The Pawtucket Public Safety Department continues its work to ensure the safety of students, teachers and parents through the public safety camera program by making motorists aware of the need to slow down, said Wilder Arboleda, spokesman for Mayor Donald Grebien, in a statement.

“Improving traffic safety is one of the strategic goals of the Pawtucket Police Department. We continue to work through the process of ensuring that vehicle operators are driving safely as Pawtucket is a dense city with many pedestrians,” said Police Chief Tina Goncalves in a statement. “The best way to do so is by consistently raising awareness, as the department has done, so that drives (our consciousness) of good driving habits while on the road.”

As officials continue to explore new ways to educate drivers to slow down, they say they will invest in the appropriate avenues to make the city safer for pedestrians.

One likely addition is new flashing lights to better alert motorists that they’re approaching an enforcement zone.

The Breeze has reported a number of times on the city’s traffic camera program, which also includes numerous speed cameras in school zones. Overall violations have tapered off significantly since Jan. 1, but red-light violations have been trending upward.

The speed cameras capture far more violations than the red-light cameras, and the tickets for speeding are $50 compared to $85 for running red lights.

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Councilor Albert Vitali Jr., at a meeting last week, had the council send a letter to the Grebien administration asking for an update on his earlier request to use some of the revenue from the camera program, now totaling more than $600,000, to fix faded street signs throughout the city. Vitali said he sees updating of the signs so people can see and read them a “great add-on” to the safety enhancements the city is seeking.

At that same meeting, Council President David Moran asked for additional information on the program for the next council meeting, including how many tickets have not been paid, how many people are showing up in Pawtucket Municipal Court to contest their tickets, and how many cases or tickets are being dismissed.