Mericle: Is there a more balanced parenting expert than Rosemond?

Mericle: Is there a more balanced parenting expert than Rosemond?

Why, for the love of all that is holy, do you continue to run the so-called “traditional parenting” column by John Rosemond? His advice is terrible, his reasoning tortuous and often specious, and he seems bizarrely fixated on exercising power over children.

This last column, “Stop doing the ‘sycophant squat’ for children,” from the Feb. 20-26, edition, was especially troubling. From calling an attempt to make eye contact with a child “sycophantic,” (making eye contact can actually be a power move, as kids – and humans generally – often try to avoid eye contact when avoiding responsibility), to claiming that the psychological research unequivocally supports the notion that “the more obedient a child, the happier the child” (the research indicates no such tidy thing), to recommending that a 5-year-old child be punished for striking her mother by spending a month in her bedroom (there are almost literally countless more humane and effective ways of teaching this child), the man is frankly a parenting menace.

Surely The Valley Breeze could find a more balanced, scientific, and reasonable parenting expert out there to fill that column space? I pray that the good people of Lincoln and Cumberland have better sense than to follow this man’s inane and deeply troubling advice.

Michele Mericle