TOM WARD – Just making sure states get their toll money

TOM WARD – Just making sure states get their toll money

Our readers were reacting mightily to last week’s story about toughening auto inspections. The state has tightened regulations, making sure license plates can be easily read by tolling gantries across the country. Let’s face it, this is inspired by the feds, who don’t want anything between a toll gantry and your wallet.

I’m not opposed to this. I’ve seen cars with heavily tinted plate covers, and wondered how the heck they would be identified in a hit-and-run accident.

Residents are rightfully concerned about the state eventually tolling autos (as opposed to only trucks) at the gantries now being installed. I have a feeling Gov. Gina Raimondo will never allow it, as it would poison her legacy forever. What will the next governor do? Who knows? Only time will tell.

Then there is the aggressive enforcement of window tinting. Yes, inspectors will reject your car if you have too much tint on your windows, all while state legislators are looking for the right to tint their own windows so they don’t have to put up with pesky citizens and their intrusive protests. Rep. Anastasia Williams was bothered by pro-life advocates last year, so she wants to hide behind tint. But none for you! Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up...

Berned out


Yeah Bernie, really.

The five-year flirtation with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential ambitions, with his Marxist ideas and admiration for Fidel Castro’s literacy program, is over. It ended with Tuesday night’s sweeping Super Tuesday wins by former Vice President Joe Biden.

Yes, I assume Sanders will begin complaining that the Democratic National Committee orchestrated the whole thing, getting Sen Amy Klobuchar and “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg out of the way, and maybe even keeping Sen. Elizabeth Warren “in” the way to siphon off hard-core leftist votes. It worked. The trio will be rewarded for their loyalty to the party, but we’ll never know about it.

Raimondo again chose the wrong horse in billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is smart enough to “know when to fold ‘em.”

While President Trump hopes the Bernie voters sit out the election, I doubt it will happen. Hatred for him on the left will not be silenced.

If Trump thinks beating “Crazy Joe” Biden will be easy, he’s mistaken. Buckle up!

Low rates good, bad

If we can all get past this social media-induced coronavirus panic and get back to living, homebuyers will be finding mortgage rates in the area of 3.5 percent, fixed for 30 years. What a bargain! The down side? Savers, retirees, and pension fund managers might be looking at a new period of several years where money market and CD interest rates are pretty anemic.

Brady chilled out?

It sure feels like Patriots fans have seen the last of quarterback Tom Brady. Rumors were flying last week that he’s headed for either Las Vegas, Indy or L.A. Might it be he’s had enough of frigid Foxboro? Another ex-hero, now 47-year-old place kicker Adam Vinatieri, joined the Colts to get indoors and out of the wind for home games, and it extended his career, so who knows what Brady might be thinking?

Thank you

Finally, a sincere “thank you” to Erika Sanzi, Lt. Gov. Dan McKee, and Frank Carini, for filling in as column writers for both Arlene Violet and I during our vacations. I hope you appreciated their insights into current topics of interest.

Ward is publisher of The Valley Breeze.