Police station plans incomplete, meaning another delay

Police station plans incomplete, meaning another delay

SCITUATE – Another setback at the Scituate Police Station means the police department may not move into its new headquarters at 1301 Chopmist Hill Road until mid-May, according to Police Station Building Committee member Thomas Galligan.

According to Galligan, there are no plans for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, units in the cell area or the car garage. He said there is no fresh air intake to the system, nor an exhaust or heating system in the garage, as well.

“Somehow, the plans were incomplete,” Galligan said.

He blamed the new delay on “poor architecturals.”

During an update to the Town Council at the Thursday, March 12 meeting, Galligan said Scituate police “are going to have to hold off for a while,” before moving into the new department.

Despite the project “getting close to the finish coats of paint,” or near 70 percent complete according to Galligan, the HVAC setback will push the finish date until May 15.

He said at that time, the building will receive a certificate of occupancy, and will be able to hold a public open house.

“The contractor never had an engineering report or a set of blueprints on it,” Galligan said.

“It was never installed, and it was not laid out anywhere.”

An engineering firm was hired to create the blueprints, and the correct system will be installed, Galligan said. He said the problem is that the building is nearly complete, and has all the doors and frames installed.

Galligan recommended the department hold off on installing furniture until the HVAC is complete, so it does not get scratched or dented during construction.

Police Chief Donald Delaere previously stated in a Town Council meeting that the department would be ready to move in on March 26.

Officers have worked out of mobile trailer units since the original police station was condemned due to health and safety concerns in September 2017. Construction began on the new station in June 2018, following the approval of a $1.7 million bond. That bond deemed to be inefficient, and the town approved an additional $860,000 to finish the project out under construction company Sugrue and Associates management.

This is another delay for the finish date, slated initially from December 2018 by the former Town Council President John Mahoney, who acted as general contractor as chair of the previous PSBC.

Galligan said delays and unanticipated problems are par for the course at the Scituate Police Station project.

“The building is like a work in progress. You do so much, then you find other things wrong. You have to stop, regroup, come up with new plans, and move forward,” Galligan said.

Galligan said the septic system, which is tied into the Scituate Senior Center’s system next door at 1315 Chopmist Hill Road, is 90 percent done. He said all the physical work is done, and the project is waiting on an electrician to wire up the pumps.

When asked if the PSBC encountered any issues with the septic system, Galligan said yes.

“There are issues with everything up there because of the way it was started,” he said.

Town Council President James Brady explained that water needed to pump out of the area where the system was installed due to mud creating an uneven surface. He said the septic system, too, needs to be wired for a monitoring system that will prevent overflow.