Smithfield’s Honeywell responds to nation’s need for masks

Smithfield’s Honeywell responds to nation’s need for masks

SMITHFIELD – Responding to the ever-increasing need for medical supplies due to the coronavirus, Honeywell of Smithfield is answering the call to produce more N95 protective masks, creating more than 500 jobs along the way, according to company Chairman Darius Adamczyk.

Honeywell, which produces safety products, will hire new production line workers for the new N95 face mask line, according to a release. Adamczyk said Honeywell, at 10 Thurber Blvd., is proud to play a critical role in supplying the nation’s stockpile with N95 masks.

President Donald Trump on Sunday night announced that Honeywell will produce millions of masks. The N95 masks, which filter out 95 percent of particles in the air, will be sold to hospitals.

“I’m pleased to report that Honeywell, a great company, has just announced it will immediately expand its personal protective equipment manufacturing operations in Rhode Island to produce millions of additional N95 masks,” Trump said. “They’re very hard to get. They’re actually quite complex.”

The company will begin hiring and training employees immediately.

The masks will be delivered to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for use to support health, safety and emergency response workers, who have called for greater efforts to get them the equipment they need to protect against the virus.

“We are honored to support the U.S. government’s efforts to protect Americans with personal protective equipment made right here in the United States,” Adamczyk said.
“Our Rhode Island facility already produces industry-leading safety gear and will soon play a critical role in supplying the Strategic National Stockpile of N95 masks,” he said.

Town Council President Suzy Alba said she is proud of the role Smithfield is playing in fighting the pandemic.

“We are grateful that Honeywell is expanding right here in town to meet a critical need that will help protect and save the lives of frontline healthcare workers across our country while also giving 500 people jobs in Rhode Island,” she said.


I am glad we live in this renewed state with great leadership to pave the path of progression and prosperity!

I see NO mention anywhere in the above article that the Governor had anything to do with this. The initial contact was made by company Chairman Darius Adamczyk directly to the White House. RI benefit was coincidental only because the facility and equipment was already here.

The only roll the Governor played was to mention it at one of her press conferences. This is American business stepping up not Government!

Raimondo? Fantastic Leadership? The delusion runs rampant.