Pawtucket Soup Kitchen sees huge increase as others close

Pawtucket Soup Kitchen sees huge increase as others close

Needs are extensive, says Marchetti

PAWTUCKET – Adrienne Marchetti, director of the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen, said that after an initial drop-off in visitors there, “things have gotten insane” as other facilities shut down.

On March 18, the facility served 134 meals. A day later, March 19, that number was up to 212 meals.

“We will be offering Sunday dinner from 5 to 5:30 p.m. until this crisis is over,” she said. “It will get worse before it gets better as we are heading to the end of the month when folks are out of food and money.”

Added Marchetti, “every morning I think about all these folks who desperately need our help and I question if I have strength to get through the day. And, then, I hear that stupid Peloton commercial saying, ‘you didn’t wake up to be mediocre,’ and I feel invigorated.”

Marchetti said she is very worried about people.

“Everything is closed, so services for our homeless are severely limited,” she said. “We need help now more than ever.”

How can you help? Marchetti says the Soup Kitchen on Walcott Street desperately needs socks, either of the new or gently used variety.

“As far as the food goes, if folks are able to send donations through the mail so they limit their social contacts that would be helpful,” she said. “If they prefer to make in-kind donations, we need bottled water, toilet paper, juice boxes, individual size snacks, sanitizing wipes and large trash bags. We ask that folks do not bring anything else by, as we just don’t have the help to sort.”

Due to the social distancing, staff are allowing only the homeless to eat in the dining room. Anyone who has a place to stay must take their meal with them.

Volunteers remain scarce, as many people are concerned about their safety.

“We hope they will return when things are better,” Marchetti said. “We will get through this, I know. After all, we didn’t wake up to be mediocre.”