Chalking up positivity in Saylesville

Chalking up positivity in Saylesville

Friends and neighbors Lilly Burgess and Lucy Gilbert, both age 10, created messages of hope for passersby this week.

LINCOLN – In an effort to lift people’s spirits during a time of fear and anxiety, a pair of neighbors in Saylesville took to the sidewalks to create a colorful display of positivity and hope.

Ten-year-olds Lucy Gilbert and Lilly Burgess, students at Lonsdale Elementary School, wrote uplifting messages in sidewalk chalk over the weekend. As their neighbors stepped out for a walk, they began to stop and snap pictures of the artwork.

“I wasn’t really sure what to draw, so I started thinking of nice things to say. A lot of people go for walks in our neighborhood, so I thought maybe it would boost them up for a little bit and make their day better,” Gilbert said.

“I feel happy because people are stopping to read them and they’re smiling and taking pictures,” she said. “Cars slow down to look, and one person even added their own message. A person in a car stopped to say thank you.”

The messages include “every little thing is gonna be alright,” “we will get through this,” and “be kind.”

Gilbert’s mother Kristen said the girls didn’t realize when they started that people in other communities across the nation have been keeping spirits high with similar "chalk your walk" campaigns.

Burgess said, “So many people are stressed out about the coronavirus, and it might give them a bit of cheer. It can also help people who are sick feel better and have hope that they can make it through.”

Burgess said she feels joyful when people read the messages.

“People are so stressed out because they can’t even go anywhere. It makes me feel like I am helping them feel better. I think more people should do this,” she said.