Nearly 600 taxpayers appeal assessments

Nearly 600 taxpayers appeal assessments

CUMBERLAND – The town saw just under 600 tax assessment appeals to Vision Government Solutions, and the company is now working on any corrections that may need to be made, said Tax Assessor Ken Mallette on Tuesday.

“We handled some 50 appeals that required site visits,” he said. If a taxpayer feels their value is not market value, they have the right to appeal to the tax assessor once they receive their bill.

That appeal period will open to taxpayers for 90 days after the first quarter’s due date, or until Aug. 31. Mallette will render a decision within 45 days and taxpayers would have 30 days to appeal to the Tax Board of Review if they remain unsatisfied.

“After they receive their decision from the Tax Board of Review, they have 30 days to file in Superior Court if they are not satisfied,” he said.

Asked if the town might postpone any tax deadlines or tax sales, Mallette said Mayor Jeff Mutter and his team are looking at what may need to be extended, “but no final decisions have been made at this point. But we are exploring the town’s options.”

The nearly 600 appeals represent nearly 5 percent of the town's 13,000 taxpayers, higher than the 500 or so appeals officials were expecting a few days before last Friday's deadline.


I know of several homes that have had major improvements in which they were not accessed. Pictures of homes showing outdated landscape, house color, etc. How did they do these assessments? At their desks? Just wondering.