Yard waste pickups start April 13

Yard waste pickups start April 13

CUMBERLAND – The Cumberland Public Works Department announced that the start of weekly curbside collection of yard waste begins April 13.

The spring collection of yard waste will continue until June 19. Yard waste collection during the summer months will then go to a bi-weekly schedule starting June 29.

Updates on the summer and fall collection schedules will be advertised at a later date.

Residents are advised that yard waste bags placed on the street before the start-up date will not be picked up, and those bags should be removed from the street and stored on their property until the starting week of yard waste collections. Residents are also advised that the Kent Street Highway garage does not accept yard waste at that facility.

In Pawtucket, where MTG also collects trash, seasonal yard waste pickups were moved up to this week to account for the fact that more people are doing earlier yard cleanups because they're stuck at home.

Yard waste is collected on the same day as trash and recycling by the waste provider MTG Disposal, but will be performed with a separate collection truck. Yard waste is only accepted if placed in brown paper biodegradable lawn bags. Small bundles of branches, no larger than two inches in diameter and limited to three feet in length, may also be placed curbside for pickup. Yard waste that is placed in trash cans or plastic bags will not be collected.

Yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, hedge or shrub clippings, and small branches. No trash, stones, or sand can be mixed in.

Further information is available on the town website at www.cumberlandri.org , or by contacting the Public Works Department at 401-728-2400, ext. 155.