Grateful to those who help elderly in need

Grateful to those who help elderly in need

An open letter to the staff at St. Antoine Residence:

For what seems an eternity, I have not been able to see my mother who is in the dementia care unit at St. Antoine in North Smithfield. This is an anxious situation, but my sadness at not being able to connect does not compare to the heroic efforts the staff and administration are exhibiting, as they exhaust themselves daily for the good of others.

I implore those who have a loved one at St. Antoine, or the Villa Assisted Living, or any other nursing home facility, to send cards, texts, candies, flowers, pizza, letters of support, words of encouragement and love to them. As are all our nation’s medical staff, they are putting their lives on hold and on the line, for the greater good.

We are blessed to have this moment in time to reflect on what is truly important and how good people really are!

Paulette Hamilton

North Smithfield

Editor’s Note: Hamilton is the former town administrator.