Driver faces charges after backing into someone with SUV (video)

Driver faces charges after backing into someone with SUV (video)

A screenshot from a resident's Ring camera shows the point of impact when Janetta Kelly backed into a woman on Brown Avenue on March 27. Kelly was charged with reckless driving.
Confrontation, collision caught on camera

NORTH PROVIDENCE – A local woman was charged with reckless driving after backing her car down a local street and into another person during a confrontation over how she was traveling through the area.

Janetta Kelly, 29, of 65 Brookside Ave., will face the misdemeanor charges in District Court on May 21, according to police reports provided to The North Providence Breeze.

Watch what happened:

According to the report, officers were called on the afternoon of March 27 for a report of a road rage incident on Brown Avenue. Kelly was traveling northbound through a group of mostly women playing basketball when some of them started waving at her and telling her to slow down, leading to an argument.

Kelly rolled down her window and started arguing with bystanders. She told police that she put her car into reverse and started to back up so she could speak with one bystander, and as she was doing so did not see someone else behind her. She ran her SUV into that person, and she told police that she did not know that she had hit her until someone told her.

Police said in their report that despite Kelly backing toward the group after a confrontation, they did not see evidence on video that she acted maliciously in attempting to hit her.

Video from a nearby Ring camera showed Kelly stop her vehicle after driving through the group, then quickly accelerate backward into a woman who was walking backward into the street after moving to let her pass through. The timestamp on the camera shows it happened at 4:38 p.m. on March 27.

The person who was hit declined to have a rescue called, according to police.

Surveillance footage showed the person who was struck pushing herself away from the vehicle and keeping her footing.

The victim complained to police about the high traffic volume on Brown Avenue and how drivers are always speeding through the area. Neighbors also asked how they might be able to secure a new speed bump or signs alerting drivers that children are at play.

Police ran a check on Kelly’s vehicle and found that her registration was suspended. No injuries were reported and the vehicle did not sustain damage.

The victim reported to police that she woke up feeling sore the next day. She had X-rays taken, but they came back negative for a break. She indicated to police that there was nothing else she needed from them and that she was happy with the way things turned out, according to the report.

Local law enforcement officers in the area have generally encouraged drivers to exercise more care than normal as they drive through local neighborhoods because of the high volume of people out and about during the COVID-19 pandemic.


and stop signs, 2 things alot of people in N.P. care nothing about.

is there no social distancing in NP?

They are distancing.