Residents invited to #ChalkTheBlockPawtucket

Residents invited to #ChalkTheBlockPawtucket

PAWTUCKET – City Councilor Meghan Kallman and Sen. Sandra Cano are launching #ChalkTheBlockPawtucket, challenging people throughout the city to share messages of hope, sustainability and environmental and climate justice to mark Earth Day today, April 22.

Kallman said the two are trying to get creative in an age of social distancing, pairing the need for hope amid the pandemic with hope for a better environment.

“Everyone needs a dose of hope and optimism,” she said.

Other political issues have taken a back burner to the pandemic, she said, but this is a chance to sort of meld the inspiring trends of chalk art with an issue that’s important to everyone.

Residents are asked to submit pictures of their art on the ChalkTheBlockPawtucket for Earth Day! Facebook page with the appropriate hashtag. The same hashtag will be used on other platforms.

Kallman said she was inspired to run with this initiative after seeing a friend post about a similar effort in Utah. These issues have always been important to her, she said.

The pair will be offering four prizes of $25 gift certificates to local restaurants to support the struggling industry.