Lincoln resident spreads beauty with free art giveaways

Lincoln resident spreads beauty with free art giveaways

Lincoln-based artist R. Sawan White is giving away art to spread some beauty during the coronavirus pandemic.

LINCOLN – Facing the challenges of COVID-19, a local artist is using her talent to spread positivity by giving away free art every day.

Rachel Sawan White, known in the art community as R. Sawan White, has mailed out a fine art print to a randomly selected winner every day for the past three weeks.

The Lincoln artist’s giveaway is called Spread Beauty (Not Germs).

“The arts are crucial to our mental and spiritual health, especially in times of deep distress and grief,” she said. “As an artist, I have always been awestruck at the ways in which a piece of art can speak to someone in a way that words cannot. When I thought of this I recognized just how powerful a small gesture of free art delivered directly to a mailbox could be … a moment of joy breaking up the monotony of our stay-at-home orders.”

White moved to Rhode Island with her husband several years ago, renovating the attic of their 130-year-old Lincoln home into her art studio. She recently invested in a printer to make fine art prints, hoping to take her career to the next level.

“It came in the week before this all happened,” she said, referring to the coronavirus shutdown.

Hoping to help the community in some way during this time, she decided to start the giveaway. So far, the contest has seen winners in six states, with applicants from across the world.

The prints are from a series of narrative abstract paintings White called “Pocket Paintings,” which she began in 2005 as a study on how the presence of artwork can change our daily lives.

“It has been wonderful for me,” she said about the giveaway. “It gives me something to look forward to doing every day, and hopefully helps others get through with a little something in the mail that’s not a bill or bad news.”

White said she plans to continue with the giveaway until she runs out of supplies.

Those interested in entering the contest can follow her on Instagram or Facebook at RSawanWhite, and then sign up for her mailing list.