Adams Farm donates thousands of tulips amid tough situation

Adams Farm donates thousands of tulips amid tough situation

CUMBERLAND – Staff at Adams Farm had a “fun and exciting” plan to go into the tulip business for the first time this year, said Alex Marszalkowski, a state representative and member of the family that owns the farm at 495 Sumner Brown Road, but those plans went awry with the arrival of the coronavirus.

Staff planted 50,000 tulips, he said, as part of this experimental year, and the crop actually “came out pretty beautifully,” but the pandemic prevented the farm from opening. Complicating things further, said Marszalkowski, the tulip field itself is in Wrentham, Mass., and Rhode Islanders aren’t supposed to be crossing state lines.

Instead of trying to sell the tulips at other sites to recoup their investment, Marszalkowski said he was inspired by news stories of people helping elderly residents facing hardships and decided the farm would donate this year’s tulip crop.

“It is nice to be able to help some people,” he said. “I was inspired by other good deeds people have been doing.”

Some flowers were delivered to Cumberland senior citizens this week, and on Wednesday, May 6, 500 bouquets were set to be delivered to Rhode Island hospitals for frontline nurses and other workers.

Marszalkowski said he still doesn’t know when the farm might open, but he jokes that all the deliveries he and his family have been making will hopefully send “some good karma out into the world” so the farm is able to open by its busy season in the fall.

This was the first year for the tulips anyway, he said, and though the situation is “not super ideal,” as he likes to say in the harshest language he can muster, it feels good to make the most of it and brighten up days for so many other people.

Though a year of tulip revenue went down the drain, he said, the bulbs themselves can be harvested and replanted again next year.

Alex Marszalkowski, left, and neighbor Mason Spencer load up this year’s tulip crop at Adams Farm to give away to senior citizens and frontline workers.


Good Deeds do not go unanswered!

Congratulations to Alex & family on this beautiful way to turn a
disappointment into a wonderful gift.