Create spring spaces to star in video calls

Create spring spaces to star in video calls

Home furnishing decorator Vjolla Kristidhi, of Smithfield, sits in her favorite video conference space against a teal-blue backdrop and flower accessories. She said it is important to have natural or ambient lighting.

With video chats and meetings becoming the new normal, home decorator at Rhode Island Design Center Vjolla Kristidhi, of Smithfield, gives tips on how to convert an old, tired space in the home to a new video conferencing space.

First, Kristidhi said to pick a quiet area away from foot traffic to keep noises and distractions down.

For a spring theme, Kristidhi said to pick a plain wall that has a neutral or spring color. Her selection in her home is a teal-blue wall. She recommends using spring-themed wall art.

Use what you have or look for bright, light-colored pieces with pops of color for spring. Use complementing colors to the paint on the wall, and focus on nature-themed images depicting flowers or gardens.

“If you already have a wall art that has the spring theme, you can keep that. You have to keep it simple so the others on the video conference can see you more and don’t get distracted,” Kristidhi said.

Lighting plays an important role when decorating a space, and more for video meetings, Kristidhi said. Keep the light facing you to brighten your face, and avoid harsh lighting.

Kristidhi said to use ambient lighting such as natural light or diffused overhead lighting fixtures. Remember to keep the camera at eye-level to give the idea of eye contact. The best is to find a space across from a window.

“Don’t position yourself under pendant lights or harsh direct light,” she said.

For fun features, Kristidhi said to try using fairy string lights or white color Christmas lights on a plain wall.

Accessories are another key use of space when decorating a room, Kristidhi said. This is the chance to show personality and individual style.

“Use plants, flowers, candles, some books and pillows with a spring theme,” she told The Breeze.

Another option for a backdrop is a bookshelf and a small desk, Kristidhi said. Try arranging accessories between books for added personality. Also, keep down the clutter to remain the focus of others on the call.

Remember, you are the focal point in the video, so keep the accessories and background simple, she said.

Paint color of the year

Looking for a fresh coat of paint? The Pantone Color Institute named Classic Blue the 2020 color of the year, calling it a “familiar, calming shade of azure.”

Pantone says the color highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation during the crossing into a new era.

Use blue for a statement wall or go bold and do a whole room.

Like Kristidhi using a teal backdrop, brighten up a wall using Classic Blue for a pleasant change of scenery.

Kristidhi created her video conferencing space against a blue wall with a spring-themed painting behind. She accessorized the room with fresh flowers and a floral print sofa.