Owners of Ladder 133 introduce new concept with The Pub on 1 at Louisquisset

Owners of Ladder 133 introduce new concept with The Pub on 1 at Louisquisset

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Back when Derek Fleming and Damian Santoro were signing a contract to open a restaurant at the Louisquisset Golf Club, the word corona was still mostly associated with beer.

Fast-forward five months, and two months late, and the pair are finally doing something most would probably recommend against: opening a restaurant, The Pub on 1, during a global coronavirus pandemic that’s devastated the industry.

“I wouldn’t recommend it,” said Fleming, laughing. “It’s funny because we weren’t going into it thinking of this.”

The two, who own Ladder 133 Kitchen & Social in Providence and are North Providence residents, say they aren’t the types to do anything halfway. Despite the setbacks, they’re maintaining that “gung-ho” approach as they open to outdoor dining guests only, following up the successful kitchen trial run of takeout on Friday nights.

The restaurant was set to debut on Monday, May 18.

Fleming’s mom, Sandra Fleming, has been a secretary at North Providence High School for 30 years.

The owners completed a top-to-bottom renovation of the new space, which overlooks hole #1 at the Louisquisset Golf Club, 1 Overlook Circle in North Providence. The restaurant is open to golfers and the general public.

Thankfully, they said, the owners of the space have been good to them when it comes to rent and expenses during this time.

The restaurant offers American-style dishes in a warm, inviting atmosphere, say the owners. The restaurant has a 55-seat dining room, 18-seat bar, and wraparound outside deck with great views, they say.

Enrollment for new members at the Ken Ventura-designed golf course is currently open.

Fleming has spent his life in the restaurant business. “I’ve done it all,” he said, including member dining at the Kirkbrae Country Club. At Ladder 133, he said the vision was to take a historical fire station he’d driven by his entire life and turn it into something everyone could be proud of.

The new restaurant will mimic Ladder 133 in some ways, he said, particularly with its comfort/bar style of food. The restaurant will meet trends and have some healthy options for those who want them, he said.

The owners say they’re entering uncharted territory opening a restaurant now, particularly with fluctuating food prices, but are optimistic that they’ll be successful.

Visit www.thepubon1.com for more.